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Publications since 1988

At the beginning it was pride, then it turned to be a burden, and today we look forward to each and every interview to be held. In the course of many thousands of kilometres on foot through the deserts, as well as endless hours on the back of camels, elephants and horses, and many years abroad amongst different cultures, we have come to understand the importance of the media for us. Solely due to their support, we are in the position to impart our adventures and experiences to those interested in the world, but – for whatever reason – not able to travel themselves the way we do. Solely due to their help we are able to breach the gap between the poles, and to contribute to a better understanding of other cultures and outlooks.

The following pages will give you a brief overview of our German publications since 1988 (You will only find the German version of the press reviews here, since these publications have mainly appeared in German speaking countries):