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Expedition journal

Our online diaries are an unvarnished, open, and passionate account of our spectacular, exciting, and intense experiences during our expeditions at the point of happening. The online diary is a way of supplying you with gripping and informative reports, as well as with information on the technical details and the logistics of such immense undertakings.

Join us online on our often adventurous trips. Bring the experience of our expeditions right into your homes, and feel with us with the help of our up-to-date reports.

Apart from the detailed accounts on the Red Earth Expedition, many other interesting reports can be found when scrolling through the category “The Great Journey”. Allow us to take you on an extreme expedition into the heart of the Taklamakan, also known as Death Desert, in West China. Or join us on a trip into the past – to a country to this day governed by vendetta as well as hospitality. Or 1500 kilometres on the back of our camels through Pakistan – just to mention a few of our many reports.

Information on the technical details and the operating mode of our online diary can be found under: online via satellite