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An assortment of 75.000 slides since 1985 of travels and expeditions

A huge and broad bank of clouds has mounted. Sun rays of blazing red, dark orange, deep yellow and ochre colours paint a fascinating colour symphony onto the sky. The clouds are glowing so much, they appear to be going up in flames any moment. Moments and situations of our travel and expedition life that we have captured and tried to photo-document from the very beginning.

In the following gallery you can have a look at a small choice of 75.000 slides. We are constantly working on the update of our gallery. Enjoy scrolling through it!

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Sibiria, Mongolia.
3.500 kilometres by bicycle from Krasnojarsk in Sibiria to the south of Siberia up to Lake Baikal and through the biggest coherent forests of this earth till Mongolia.


Russia, Kazakhstan, Sibiria.
4.000 kilometres by bicycle through the endless steppe of Kazakhstan and through the lonesome forests of Siberia.


Romania, Moldavia, the Ukraine and Russia.
4.000 kilometres by bicycle through a foreign and intriguing world. An thrilling and at the same time affecting trip through East Europe.


Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania 2005. Lake Constance marks the beginning of a new adventure for Tanja and Denis, an adventure of an immeasurable dimension from the moment it started. The first 3000 kilometres took them and their bikes along the course of the mighty Danube almost as far as to the Black Sea.

Australia 1999-2003

Longest camel expedition in the history of Australia. Within the scope of the “Great Journey”, Tanja and Denis Katzer spent the past four years travelling through the endless and vast territory of the Australian Outback. They worked their way through the continent from South to North, and form the East coast to the West coast – 7000 kilometres, by foot or on the back of their own camels.

Mongolia 1996/Summer

It was the first time in the past century for Europeans to travel through the central highlands of Mongolia. Tanja and Denis Katzer covered a distance of 1600 kilometres, together with a total of 12 horses and a self-made horse-drawn carriage. Here we have an expedition that stretched the two of them to the limits of human capacities.

Nepal 1996/Autumn

Tanja and Denis Katzer were the first Europeans ever to travel all the way through the Kingdom of Nepal on the back of an elephant. They experienced an expedition that did not only allow them to get acquainted to a different culture, but also made them become familiar with the sensibility and precariousness of one of the largest mammals on earth.

Tibet 1995/1996

Tanja & Denis Katzer were fascinated by Tibet’s landscape with its wide and open plains, its looming up mountains, and its thin and crystal clear air, as well as by the dignified and tough people. Yet, at the same time, the sight of arbitrarily destroyed monasteries reminded them of the tragic time of occupation and oppression.

Taklamakan/China 1995

Expedition through the Taklamakan, also known as Death Desert. Tanja und Denis Katzer struggled their way through an ocean of sand of approximately 1000 kilometres on foot and together with seven camels. The Death Desert was thus conquered by the smallest expedition ever, and in fact without any kind of supply from outside.

Madagascar 1994

Tanja und Denis Katzer travelled 7000 kilometres through this huge island near the south-western coast of Africa in an off-road vehicle, they canoed on the Tsiribihina in a dugout canoe, and they sailed on the Piroge across the waters with the worldwide largest manifestation of sharks.

Sri Lanka 1992

It is the colourful and differing way of life, the tropical abundance of the vegetation, the beauty of the coast and beaches that gives reason to compare this paradisiacal island with a pearl of the Indian Ocean. Tanja and Denis Katzer spent weeks touring through this island, and on their way also visited the last aboriginal tribe living in Sri Lanka.

The Andamanes 1992/1993

Expedition to the endangered Jarawa tribe.
Tanja und Denis Katzer achieved the so far unheard-of: they managed to approach and establish contact to a primitive tribe in the Gulf of Bengal on the Andamanes who still today live a stone-age way of life. At that time, the endangered Jarawa tribe still used to get rid of intruders with bow and arrow.

India 1991-92/93-94-95

For 1 ½ years, Tanja and Denis Katzer made their way through this mythical land full of extreme contrasts on an old Indian motorbike (Enfield). On this journey of altogether 15.000 km they lived in heaven and hell at the same time.

Himalaya 1993/1995

On their overland route to China, Tanja and Denis Katzer came across the Karakorum Highway. The impressive and rugged mountain range of the Hindukush, the Karakorum and the Himalaya altogether counts more than 120 peaks with an average height of 6550 metres.

Pakistan 1991-1992/1993

Tanja and Denis Katzer were the first Europeans to travel through wild Pakistan riding on the back of their camels. They experienced a country where everyday life is determined as much by hospitality as by vendetta. Distance covered: 1.500 kilometres.

Iran 1991/1992/1993

Amidst the ancient civilization of Iraq and Pandschab, Iran and its endearing population, its hospitality, its innumerable mosques and ancient cultural sites, its bizarre mountain scenery as well as salt and sand dunes has left a permanent impression on Tanja and Denis Katzer.

East Anatolia 1991/1992

A country with an impressive rough scenery – wildly romantic. Large snowfields partly cover the plains, at places melding with the flanks of the mountains which rise up to 5000 metres. For Tanja and Denis Katzer, East Anatolia’s endless stone deserts, glowing rocks, and never ending valleys form the gateway to Persia.

Turkey 1991/1992

Where the orient meets the occident – the interface between Europe and Asia at the Bosporus. Manifestations of the Ancient World, unique spectacles of nature, and the almost unbelievable hospitality have made this country to one of Tanja and Denis Katzer’s favourites.

Egypt 1992/2004

A country still today full of susurrated tales like in the Arabian Nights. A country allowing you to experience rocky mountains as well as oases, deserts, and the shrill colours of the orient. The breathtaking pyramids, sailing trips on the Nile, and the whispering winds of the Sinai – just to mention a few of the encounters made by Tanja and Denis Katzer in this part of the world.

Greece 1992

From Nuremberg to Kufstein, then passing over the Brenner to Bologna and Ancona, all by train, followed by a ferry crossing to Athens – this is the beginning of Tanja and Denis Katzer’s joint adventure, the Great Journey. The Land of the Gods is one of the first stations of the two adventurers on their Great Journey.

Jamaica 1991

Golden sunsets, white sandy beaches, and the turquoise ocean; tropical landscape, lonely waterfalls, extensive hikes, colourful markets, and the best reggae concerts on earth. All of these seemed reason enough for Denis Katzer to visit this Caribbean island before setting off on his Great Journey.

Guyana (former British Guyana) 1990

Expedition to the borderlands between Guyana and Brazil, visiting the endangered Wai-Wai Indians. Denis Katzer lived with Guyana’s last remaining Wai-Wai Indians tribe at a river bend of the Essequibo river, and recorded their way of life on photo and film, thus preserving it for posterity.

West New Guinea 1989

Expedition into the Central Highlands of Irian Jaya to the Yali tribe.
His search for the ritually cannibal Yali tribe took Denis Katzer 500 kilometres by foot through the mountainous jungles of West New Guinea. After many weeks on his way, he eventually reached a village, which had never before been visited by a white man.

Venezuela 1988

Expedition to the headwaters of the Orinoco, looking for the Yanomami Indians.
In order to document the threat to the Yanomami Indians, Denis Katzer marched a total of 300 kilometres by foot through the largest coherent virgin forest on earth, and finally visited an Indian village never to have been seen by a white man before.

Ecuador 1987

Destination of the first professional expedition. An expedition to the headwaters of the Amazon, with the aim of visiting the Auca Indians. On his search for the Auca Indians, Denis Katzer travelled 400 kilometres in a dugout canoe through the virgin forests of Ecuador, and documented the endangered Auca tribe (Waorani Indians).

Hong Kong 1985/1986/1995

Exciting Hong Kong. Metropolis of all superlatives. Breathtaking skyline. Hectic activities unifying the unique mixture of old and new, Far East and Western cultures. A thrilling place for Tanja and Denis Katzer’s stopovers on their travels.

Burma 1986

Here we have one last relic of genuine South-East Asia: No neon light advertising, no Coca-Cola culture, men and women wearing the traditional long waistcloth called Longyi, the main means of transport all over the country still being horse-drawn and ox-drawn carriages… These were the statements that drew Denis Katzer’s attention and interest on the country of temples and pagoda.

Indonesia, Bali, Lombok 1985/1986/1999

Bali – the spell of its nature, the charm of the temple festivals, the Hinduism, the worship of the ancestors, way over ten thousand temples, the coral beaches, the outriggers, men in colourful waistcloths and women with beautiful flowers in their hair – Bali, Tanja and Denis Katzer decided, was the place for them to relax and recover from their expeditions.

The Philippines 1985/1986

Unforgettable impressions that will always and forever be on Denis Katzer’s mind: the manmade natural landscape and mountain area of Luzon, also known as eighth world wonder, the famous rice terraces of Igorot, contrasts between now and stone-age, beautiful islands, wonderful white palm beaches, unexplored jungle areas with lush vegetation…

Indonesia, Java and Komodo 1985/1986

We count 13.677 isles along both sides of the Equator. We have 450 ethnic groups, as well as ancient cultures, different religions, active volcanoes, jungle areas, and lovely beaches – these were the factors making Denis Katzer want to visit this paradise, the paradise of the tropics.

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